super mini five-minutes-of-fleeting-sunlight shoot

Usually it goes like this:

"Asia! Look at the light outside it's PERFECT! Let's go, I'm grabbing my camer--"

I look at Asia, who is in sweats, no makeup, eating a bowl of cereal and snapchatting Boyfriend high-angled mock duck faces.

"Dang it, nevermind."


So, when she is dressed and looking like a rockstar, I don't miss my chance. She's one of those people who look amazing in every photograph (I have inkling it's because she snapchats so often--lots and lots of practice). And about 50 percent of all the photos I've ever taken are of her. Anyway, here's a few fun ones we did of her and Boyfriend Shane before he flew off to no-man's-land in North Dakota.


And usually these get thrown out with the test shots, but they were too fun.