boston instameet

Things are crazy. By things, I mean life is crazy. By crazy, I mean a beautiful whirlwind that is somehow both exhausting and invigorating at the same time.

I haven't posted in a month, but for good reasons. I am almost done with my last semester of school in Boston (I have one more this fall in LA but it's mostly an internship). I am working on some awesome projects including my journalism capstone, all while trying to chip away at wedding videos. One huge thing that has happened this month was being featured as a suggested user on Instagram. What an unexpected honor! So greetings to you if my Instagram brought you here.

Speaking of Instagram, I'm working on a project that explores how the app brings people together and I'm really excited about it. Below are a few photos from a recent Boston Instameet I attended and a quick little video from said Instameet (with music by Cabell Tice).

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