All things lovely for the romantic and adventurous.
— m.s.

Mary Spears is the darling behind the carefully curated collection of vintage and modern pieces at Millay Vintage. She meticulously runs the online boutique and blog out of her home in Boston and spends her days (the ones not on the road searching for those perfect pieces) cleaning, mending, ironing, steaming, and sorting the unique items she has found. Once the garment/item is in top shape, she researches it, drawing us into the story of the piece, photographs it and puts in on her site where it continues it's journey. 

Okay, so she's a tiny package just brimming with awesome already but, there's more. She takes us beyond the storefront in the short film below and introduces us to the muse behind Millay Vintage.

She has an uncanny ability to pick out the best pieces, but she also knows a heck of a lot about them.

the world is mine; blue hill, still silver lake,
broad field, bright flower, and the long white road
a gateless garden, and an open path:
my feet to follow, and my heart to hold
— edna st. vincent millay

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And thank you to Stephanie Bradbury for helping with this story.