a weekly roundup of the things I am vibing with (with SOOO MUCH terrible punctuation because it's friday and i don't give a frick).


'i can run the world from my mama's house'

the first single off this has been stuck in my head for weeks. folk-y chords line the background of this not-even-barely-average rap 'WORLDS TO RUN' by los angeles rap entity Busdriver with Anderson .Paak and Milo (he opens with them mellow raps that make it a must-listen track for me). The whole project has so much to offer and I can't wait to sit with it while editing photos this weekend. Also, the track in this music video, 'MUCH', speaks to my heart as someone who is ALWAYS doing too much... and has me all cocky singing the hook out loud all day. Just listen dang it.

#2 30 DAYS IN LA

the based god has blessed november

30 days of fantastic shows courtesy of Red Bull Sound Select, curated by tastemakers who know their stuff (KCRWFake Shore Drive, Manifesto to name a few). The only sad part is that I can't catch em' all. This week, I hit up the Joey Bada$$ show at the Belasco Theater and that was super fly. Next week, I'm signed up to attend Club Vinyl at Amoeba—and they added the darling Andra Day who I've been obsessing over for months now (there's still tickets for that I think). planning on hitting up Soulection (I'm feeling the new Goldlink) tomorrow night and a few shows later in the month as well, Raury and Jazz Cartier being the highlights.


obviously—the cool kids are all going to afi fest. i learned my lesson last year when as an intern i was asked to watch someone's computer and refresh it once every minute while he waited for AFI fest tickets to be available. this year, i was ready. i signed up, got me some tix and plan on spending some quality hours inside the chinese theater watching some of the best new cinema for freeeeee. i'm sort of most excited for JAMES WHITE. it took the 2015 Best of NEXT Audience Award at Sundance, and director James Mond is nominated for a Gotham award for breakthrough director, but honestly, i just have a giant crush on Christopher Abbott. i'm not a real film nerd—obviously.


"You're not taking food off my table, I owe 200 hundred grand in back taxes"

Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti are Cavanaugh. Open Mike Eagle, is an LA staple and local fans can be heard singing his lyrics over the guy himself when he performs. Serengeti is the Chicago rapper who is one third of Sisyphus, a collaborative project between him, Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux (so dope, if you don't know it treat yourself to it this weekend). check out Cavanaugh's nuanced music video for 'Screen Play' featured on NPR.




This an experiential speakeasy event Nov. 7th and 8th in Highland Park. I'm mentioning it because it's one of those very Los Angeles things that no one tells you about until you see cool photos of it all over Instagram. I know very little about it except that there are four 'exploratory' drinks, some art, and some food. Rumor has it they have color changing drinks and drinks that come with a pick axe to break through the ice. Swing by after if you didn't get a ticket before they sold out. Expect a full report, a la 'the wrong way to consume alcohol.'