When you want to do a thing but you can't find the opportunity to do that thing, you create that opportunity yourself. 

My friends and I did that. We started a magazine. We created a place where we could share the things we are passionate about. We can make the photographs we want to make. We can tell the stories we need to tell. It is a place where we are slowing down to appreciate what's often taken for granted and stopping to examine what we can no longer ignore.

Our first feature was the talented and raw Oceanside rapper John Givez, who is about to release his latest album 'Soul Rebel.' While, the photoshoot below was an honor for me to do, it doesn't stand alone. Read the story of what it means to be a soul rebel written by RayNeutron for Typical Mag. 

JOHN GIVEZ / emaritraffie.com
My music is for rebels. One thing about rebels is that there are rebels with no cause and rebels with a cause. But even that cause can be misinformed.