Vrai & Oro blessed me with their latest design, The Link Necklace. These photos are inspired by the story behind the piece:

"We don't believe in discounts or sales so we decided to create our own tradition on Black Friday. Every year we design an exclusive piece that speaks to something larger than ourselves. This year we reflected on the connection we each have as humans– the most basic foundation of our being.

The Link Necklace is a daily reminder of this innate connection, designed to encourage you to share your message proudly, to be open-minded and to listen and receive from others.

To help strengthen the conversation, we will be writing a letter to congress for each necklace purchased, supporting one of five key issues that we believe in and stand behind as a team."


Practical note: I would purchase this necklace just for someone to write a letter to congress about an issue, because my list is long.

Techs: I used a Canon 6D Mk II and 35mm 1.4 lens, single continuous light through a water jug in a dark room. My boyfriend held the branch. Settings: 1/100, f 3.2, ISO 1000.

Looking back: Shooting jewelry is an intricate scenario and I haven't got it right on the first try yet. I would next time use a tripod or higher shutter speed and shoot with an 85mm or 100mm.